Rush Process

Rushing for Phi Chi Theta is a one-week process where prospective members get to learn more about our business fraternity, and also where we can get to know you! Rush consists of three parts:

First Stage: This is where rush candidates will go through a series of short interviews, each with 2-3 active members of the fraternity. It is usually done in a speed-dating style, and the short interviews last no longer than 3 minutes each. We will ask basic questions which gauge candidates’ interest in PCT and tells us more about the candidate. Following the interview, they are free to ask any questions they may have about the rush process or about the PCT experience.Dress is business casual.

Second Stage:This stage is a social event by invite only, where rush candidates and active members get to know each other in a casual setting. Conversation topics are broader and less structured than the First Stage, and can range anywhere from upcoming Phi Chi Theta events to unrelated topics such as sports or studying abroad. Small refreshments are typically served and dress is casual.

Third Stage: The final stage of our rush process involves a formal interview with 4-5 active members of PCT. This interview will be more in-depth and require more time than the First Stage interviews. Dress is business professional. After all Third Stage interviews are conducted, candidates will hear back from us on whether or not they are invited as a Phi Chi Theta pledge.

In order to be qualified for joining PCT, prospective members must:

  • Be in the standing of at least a first-semester freshman

  • Have a major in a Business-related field (includes Economics and Advertising), or a minor in business

  • Have at least a 2.7 GPA


Feel free to use our Contact page if you have any questions or concerns about the Rush process.