2014 Executive Board

Tyler Blum
President: Tyler Blum

Major: Finance and Economics

Hometown: Peoria, Illinois

Favorite Childhood TV Show: Dexter’s Lab

“I have learned many valuable professional skills through PCT that I would like to pass on to future members as the President.”

Elyse Kelly

Vice President External:
Elyse Kelly

Major: Supply Chain Management

Hometown: Wheaton, Illinois

Favorite Childhood TV Show: Boy Meets World

“When I was a pledge, the older members of Phi Chi Theta were a motivation for me. They were all unbelievably accomplished, and quickly became my mentors helping me grow as a professional. However, they did not only become role models but close friends. As VPE, I want to continue to foster members sharing knowledge and experiences, helping each other grow professionally.”
Madeline Stanton
Vice President Internal: Madeline Stanton

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Park Ridge, Illinois

Favorite Childhood TV Show: Boy Meets World

“I have had a great first two semesters in Phi Chi Theta and am looking forward to an even greater third semester. PCT was my family my freshman year and as Vice President Internal I plan to make our family bond even stronger.”
Blake Stumpf

Vice President of Membership: Blake Stumpf

Major: Supply Chain Management

Hometown: Columbia, IL

Favorite Childhood TV Show: Rocket Power

“Phi Chi Theta has led me to some of my greatest collegiate experiences as well as my closest friends. I look forward to leading our future pledge classes, giving them the opportunities they need to succeed, and lastly, continuing the chapter’s prosperous growth.”
Lauren Hummel

Vice President of Marketing
: Lauren Hummel

Major: Advertising Hometown: Naperville, IL

Favorite Childhood TV Show: Boy Meets World

I am very proud to be the first Vice President of Marketing for this chapter. In my past three semesters, I have experienced the greatness of PCT and how impactful it can be on your life. Joining was the best decision I have made and I hope my efforts will expose others to the opportunity as well.”

Tim Zwartz
Vice President of Finance: Tim Zwartz

Major: Accountancy

Hometown: Tinley Park

Favorite Childhood TV Show: Spongebob

“I have seen the opportunities that this organization gives its members and I am going to strive to improve the organization any way I can as Vice President of Finance.”

Matt Hamielec

Vice President of Communications
: Matthew Hamielec

Major: Accountancy and History

Hometown: Park Ridge, IL

Favorite Childhood TV Show: Thundercats

“Professionalism within the business setting is conductive on past decisions. As the VP of Communications, I look forward to recording our chapter’s history in the most cohesive, coherent, and cogent of ways.”