Interested in rushing? Want to know your next step?

Get in contact with our Vice President of Membership, Blake Stumpf, or our Vice President of Marketing, Lauren Hummel, by emailing rush.phichitheta@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

What is Phi Chi Theta?

Phi Chi Theta (PCT) is a co-ed professional business fraternity that provides its members with the opportunity to practice leadership skills, gain networking knowledge, learn from numerous respected corporate sponsors, and build friendships that will last you far beyond your time at the University of Illinois.

What is pledging like?

Throughout your pledge process, you will have the opportunity to develop yourself professionally, gain close friends within your pledge class, and expand your network. Our pledge process is structured to improve your professional skills by means of resume critiques, mock interviews, professional workshops, and other activities. You may even be able to foster your leadership skills by taking on a position within your pledge class. Outside of the professional aspect, we also ensure our pledges get familiarized with our chapter’s active members and Phi Chi Theta’s core beliefs. Pledges have the opportunity to attend pledge-only events, as well as chapter-wide events, which allows them to network with everyone in the fraternity. Pledging is not only a way for us to get to know you, but also for pledges to see what is in store for them if they join PCT. Contact us if you have any questions on pledging!

What is the difference between a business fraternity and a social fraternity?

Besides focusing on developing strong personal relationships, Phi Chi Theta also has events that provide professional development, networking, and philanthropic opportunities. While the actives in PCT will certainly become your “brothers”, they will also become your classroom peers, your professional partners, and your mentors.

Can I rush PCT if I am in a social fraternity/sorority?

Most definitely! You may be involved in a social fraternity/sorority in addition to PCT! In fact, most of our members are heavily involved in other organizations in addition to PCT, including other business organizations, social organizations, and service groups. You may not, however, be in two professional business fraternities.

What are the rush requirements?

We accept business majors, business minors and business related majors such as Economics, Actuarial Science and Advertising to rush Phi Chi Theta. You can rush as early as fall semester freshman year! If rushing after completing a semester on campus you must a minimum GPA of 2.7.

Why should I join PCT?

Joining our business professional organization will certainly give you an advantage when it comes to job hunting. With our extensive alumni network, various professional development activities, and specialized workshops, majority of Phi Chi Theta’s members enter the workforce immediately after graduation. Furthermore, being in the presence of other motivated and overachieving individuals pushes PCT members in doing their best, both professionally and academically. Finally, the people you meet in PCT will not only be your fraternity brothers/sisters, but they will end up being your best friends. As many PCT actives will tell you, friendships in Phi Chi Theta don’t only last four years; they last for life.

What makes PCT different?

Phi Chi Theta is made unique by the members. In addition to success within Phi Chi Theta, everyone in PCT is very successful as leaders outside of the organization. We’re proud to say that a PCT active planned and ran 2013 Homecoming for the entire university, we’re proud to have the presidents of six other clubs on campus in our chapter, and we’re proud to have members who helped raise several thousand dollars for the Make-a-Wish foundation at Trivia Night, our annual charity event. In addition to professional and academic success, what makes PCT different is the loyalty of members and the brotherhood bonds. When you join PCT you immediately have a family at U of I and the friends you make here last far beyond your time at the university.

Can I rush for PCT again if I am not accepted the first time?

Absolutely! We understand that with the rush process being new to some people, you may not be able to network and interview at your best the first time around. Rushing Phi Chi Theta a second time reveals to us that you are passionate about the organization and have a persistent attitude, both of which are desirable qualities in a potential pledge.